Cranbrook Rugby Club - Under 9

Welcome to Cranbrook Rugby Club - Under 9s

The aim of CRFC’s Mini rugby is to foster and develop young players (girls & boys) of all abilities in the game of rugby in a safe, non-competitive, enjoyable environment through activities which ensure progressive skill development. Using the foundation of the RFU’s Age Grade Rugby and the progressive development tools guided by Quilter Kids First program. We will ensure all of our coaches are committed to developing young athletes into compassionate and respectful individuals and team members.We will ensure each player demonstrates the highest standards of RFU’s T.R.E.D.S (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship) at all times on and off the pitch and external to the club grounds.


Strength and Honour

Due to Covid19 we are working under the clubs roadmap of return to rugby as our age group are introduced back to development of contact skills. Therefore it is important that all players pre-register and complete the Covid symptoms tracker prior to training.  This must be completed Saturday evening or Sunday morning BEFORE training:

U9s Training

U9s is for children currently in Year 4 at school, so our players will be 8 or 9.

  • Training is held on Sundays through September to April and starts promptly at 9.45 with registration from 9.30.  Sessions finish by 11.00. Please see pitch location at the bottom of this page.
  • Players must wear rugby boots.
  • U9s will attend various festivals and joint training sessions with other clubs through the season.  Please see below for our full list of fixtures.
  • To attend festivals, players must be registered members of CRFC, and will therefore have an RFU membership number.
  • If inclement weather requires a cancellation of training during the season our method of communication is via our WhatsApp Group.Please ensure that you have provided your details - please see Kate (admin) if not.
  • Sessions will be interactive and fun throughout the season with the focus of contact skills.
  • In January, it is important is that each and every player must have a gumshield present to join the training session. Players will be turned away if they are without.
  • Please also make sure a parent or carer is always pitch side and players must have water with them.
  •  We very much welcome feedback and do feel free to speak to any of the coaches after any session. We are also always seeking new volunteers.  Please do help out if you can, no experience is necessary and if you wish to get involved with coaching there are many courses that you can attend.

U9's Rule of Play

Note - Under 9s is usually CONTACT Rugby which includes 'The Tackle".  However, due to interruptions in our training caused by various lockdowns we will be playing U8 rules until January 2022, i.e. tag rugby.  This will include at festivals.

The object of the game is to score a try by placing the ball with a downward pressure on or behind the opponents’ goal line.
Under 9s Rugby is played between teams of equal numbers of players, containing six or seven players on the pitch at any one time.
The maximum pitch size is 60 metres by 30 metres. 
The ball can only be passed sideways or backwards (but not forwards). If the ball is knocked forwards then a free pass is awarded to the non-offending team, unless advantage occurs to the non-offending team. In order to keep the game flowing, referees may play advantage wherever possible.
Only the ball carrier can be tackled. The ball carrier can run and dodge potential tacklers but cannot fend off or hand off using their hands or the ball. The ball cannot be pulled out of the ball carrier’s hands at any time. 
A “Tackle” is deemed to be any contact below the arm pits of the ball carrier which results in the ball carrier being held and/or brought to ground by the opponent of the ball carrier.

It is essential all players own and wear a gumshield.

Welcome Pack
New players are always very welcome so please do get in touch if you would like your child to come and have a few trial sessions. Please contact our Admin Kate in the first instance. Contact details are below.

We welcome all new Players & Parents and provide a Welcome Pack (View/download PDF by clicking here) which details:

Cafe, Bar & shop
What to bring & wear
Safety & Welfare
Coaches profile
First Aid
Contact Info

We always aim for the Players to have fun. Come on and give us a try.

Team Info


Mike Barstow
Email Coach


Kate Breen
Email Admin

Current season:

View other season results:

Date L/F Opponents H/A K.O. Meet W/L/D Result Report
26, Sep T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
03, Oct SDD Medway Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
10, Oct T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
17, Oct T Aylesford Bulls RFC - Joint Training H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
24, Oct T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
31, Oct T Canterbury RFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
07, Nov SDD Aylesford Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
14, Nov T Maidstone RFC A 10 9.15 -  - -
21, Nov SDD Sidcup Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
28, Nov T Sevenoaks RFC - Joint Training A 10 9.15 -  - -
05, Dec T Medway - Joint Training H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
12, Dec T CRFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
19, Dec T CRFC Christmas party H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
09, Jan T CRFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
16, Jan F Ashford - Join Training H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
23, Jan T CRFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
30, Jan SDD Tonbridge Juddians RFC H 10 9.15 -  - -
06, Feb T Aylesford - Joint Training A 10 9.15 -  - -
13, Feb T Sevenoaks RFC - Joint Training H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
20, Feb T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
27, Feb T Ashford RFC - Joint training A 10 9.15 -  - -
06, Mar T CRFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
13, Mar SDD Kent Mini Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
20, Mar T CRFC H 9.45 9.15 -  - -
27, Mar SDD Old Colfeians Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
03, Apr SDD Westcombe Park Festival A 10 9.15 -  - -
10, Apr T Maidstone RFC - Joint Training H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
17, Apr T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
24, Apr T CRFC H 9.45 9.30 -  - -
U9 Pitch Location

U9s Safety & Welfare

The Club treats welfare of the players as a paramount priority. 
The U9s currently have four coaches:-
Martin Taylor (Head Coach), Darren Wilson, Jim Edwards & Dan King.
Coaches have been DBS checked, completed the England RFU Headcase, Rugby Ready and Play It Safe safeguarding courses and hold First Aid accreditation.

Coaches will reserve the right to remove players that they feel are unfit to play.

The clubs appointed Child Welfare Officer is Michelle Forknall.

U9s Pitch location

The U9s pitch can be found as illustrated in the Pitch Map opposite.