Cranbrook Rugby Club - Membership

Cranbrook Rugby Club - Membership

Not only is there a link to the current season's membership form below but monthly updates will include a narrative on the latest committee meeting to keep the club's membership abreast of what's new at CRFC.

Membership Form 2017/18

Report from the Committee: November 2017

The Committee meets each month to make decisions about the running of the Club.  If you have matters you wish to go on the December agenda, please forward to Caroline Cannar ( no later than Friday, 8 December 2017.

Clubhouse and Ground

The Committee agreed that the Club will purchase a shed with a sales hatch for selling sweets and soft drinks.  This will be sited outside the Clubhouse on Sundays and will keep children away from the congested bar area.  In addition, it will provide an opportunity for people taking part in community-based voluntary work, eg the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

We have now sourced a new Club flag and we have a spare.  Many thanks to Alan Depoel-Wood.


A Safeguarding workshop is being held in Canterbury on Monday, 27 November.  Clubs will be able to bring up any safeguarding issues experienced.  Michelle Forknall is attending; please contact her if you are interested in going along with her.

The Committee discussed DBS checks and what is required for adults accompanying Mini and Junior tours.  We agreed that checks are needed only for Coaches and Assistant Coaches and not necessary for all parents who accompany children on tours.  The RFU policy does not appear to include parents in the requirement for DBS checks.

We are seeking a new assistant Safeguarding Officer for the Minis.  Please contact Michelle Forknall if you are interested.


We have a total of 327 paid members (all categories) as at the end of October and there are some more membership forms in the pipeline.  We do not record a member until we have the completed membership form and payment.  Please make sure Adrian has both so that he can confirm your membership for 2017/2018.

We are thinking about re-instigating the sponsorship of positions, as happened some years ago.  We will consider this further in the New Year for possible reintroduction in the 2018/2019 season.


Following the U16s match at Bromley we felt it necessary to make a formal complaint about the referee. 


We discussed concerns raised by members about prices and quality of some articles, particularly socks.  We agreed that the pricing structure in general should be reviewed.  Nick and Lara will meet our supplier, Akuma, to review the range of items and pricing.


There have been concerns about the state of Jaegers and Steen will be raising these with the Cranbrook School groundsman.


The Committee restated the position that all tours must be approved in advance by the Committee.  Costings should be submitted to the Treasurer, Nick Ditton, prior to a formal request to the full Committee.


Through sponsorship from Tesco and Waitrose, the cricket section of the Club is now able to purchase a high-quality bowling machine and an additional mobile cricket net.  We are very grateful for the support from the supermarkets and hope that the association will continue.

To date, Mark Scott has maintained the cricket area during the summer months but is unable to do this longer term, so we are sourcing a contractor to provide maintenance from the next cricket season.

Work is underway to achieve accreditation for the cricket club.  Andrew Herbert and James Fraser are working on a development plan to achieve this.

New Clubhouse: planning update

There has not been much progress since the October committee meeting.  Natural England has no objection to the development and the Parish Council recommends approval, with some provisos.  The Parish Council has asked for the Club to write requesting formal permission to proceed (the Club leases the land from the Parish Council at a peppercorn rent).  The Club’s Hon Secretary will do this.  The Parish Council would like to be more involved in the development and send a Council member to a meeting.

At the date of the Committee meeting there were approximately 2,500 votes for us for the Aviva Community Fund.

Report from the Committee: October 2017

The Committee meets each month to make decisions about the running of the Club.  If you have matters you wish to go on the November agenda, please forward to Caroline Cannar ( no later than Friday, 3 November 2017.

This is not a replacement for the Club Newsletter.  It is an update on what your Committee discussed, which in October was as follows:

Clubhouse and Ground

The Committee agreed quotes for Honours Boards for display in the clubhouse and is currently commissioning the sign writing.

We are currently looking for a suitable place in the Clubhouse to sell soft drinks and sweets on Sundays that does not get in the way of bar activities.

The Club flag will be replaced; thanks to Alan Depoel-Wood for sourcing a new flag.

The condition of the goal posts was discussed.  They need washing and possible replacement.  This is in hand.

We have a few parents who have offered time and labour to assist with jobs needed by the Club.  Many thanks to everyone who is able to offer assistance.


Congratulations to the 1st team’s outstanding win over Kings College Hospital on Saturday, 7 October


Much work is going on to input the new season’s membership details on to the RFU Game Management system (GMS).  Dave Martin has been working for a considerable length of time to clean up the data and he and Julie Taylor are now inputting the new season’s data.  It is important that the data is accurate for the Club’s reaccreditation coming up shortly.

The ‘no pay, no play’ rule will be enforced from 1 November and players who have not paid a subscription will pay a match fee.

New direct debit payments are now being made through the GoCardless system.  This is proving a very successful means of collecting payment for subscriptions, tour fees and other payments.

Ladies section

The Ladies team is coming on well and very enthusiastic.  We still need more players in order to be able to guarantee putting out a full side for matches.

Juniors and Minis

We agreed to hold a family lunch for players moving up from the Minis to Midis.  Dave Martin will organise.

New Clubhouse: planning update

There have been further delays but the Planning Officer is aware.  We have put in an application for funding to the Aviva Community Fund, which was submitted on our behalf by Doug Jackson at NFU Mutual.  Since the Committee meeting we have heard that the application has been approved and we are now moving to the next stage of the competition to qualify for the award of funds.  A big thank you to Doug for all his help so far.

2018 Ball

Dickie Swallow is organising the Ball and has been getting quotes for marquees and caterers.  He is currently sourcing a band and disco.  The theme is the Club’s Diamond Jubilee.


The Club is always looking for new sponsors and would like to hear from anyone willing, or who has a possible contact that we can pursue.

Kent Cup: 5 November

The club was asked to host the Under 14s Kent Cup on 5th November, but on such short notice, it was decided that we could not accept the invitation this year.