Cranbrook Rugby Club - Cranbrook Ladies

Cranbrook Rugby Club - Cranbrook Ladies

We provide coaching to girls from aged 18 and upwards with experienced coaches and promise it to be enjoyable for all ages and abilities. We welcome everyone of all experiences and love to see new and familiar faces turning up every week to have fun and get muddy.

Our coaches have a wealth of experience both playing and coaching and are always happy to answer questions and make rugby an enjoyable sport for everyone.
Training every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 20:00 to 21:15
Please contact for more info or just turn up for training.

Team Info

2021 - 2022 Season  -   League: Women's NC1 South East (East)  -   Position: 6th  -   View League


Lyndsey Posey
Email Captain


Nigel Posey
Email Coach
Mob: 07884 972137

Assistant Coach: Des Amanono


Lyndsey Posey
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Current season:

View other season results:

Date L/F Opponents H/A K.O. Meet W/L/D Result Report
03, Oct F Blackpool Tour A Friday Club -  - -
10, Oct L Beccehamian H 2.00pm 12.30pm W 32-0 -
17, Oct L Canterbury A 2.00pm 12.30pm L 26-12 -
24, Oct L Tonbridge Judds H 2.00pm 12.30pm L 7-26 -
07, Nov L Blackheath II & I A 2.00pm 12.30pm L 29-12 -
05, Dec L Streatham-Croydon A 2.00pm 12.30pm L 17-0 -
16, Jan L Canterbury H 2.00pm 12.30pm L 12-28 -
30, Jan L Tonbridge Judds A 2.00pm 12.30pm W 21-22 -
20, Feb L Heathfield A 2.00pm 12.30pm L 24-12 -
26, Feb L Guernsey A 2.00pm 12.30pm L 30-24 -
06, Mar L Beccehamian A 2.00pm 12.30pm W AWO -
20, Mar L Streatham-Croydon H 2.00pm 12.30pm L 19-22 -
26, Mar L Guernsey H FORFEIT BY GUERNSEY W 40-0 -
10, Apr L Heathfield H 2.00pm 12.30pm -  - -
23, Apr L Blackheath II & I (postponed from 6/2) H 2.00pm 12.30pm -  - -