Cranbrook Rugby Club - Player Profiles

Cranbrook Rugby Club - Player Profiles

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Logan McKee Player Profile


Full Name: Logan John Ross McKee


Position: Second row / Back row


Previous Clubs: Riversdale


Likes: Long walks on the beach, Speights, hunting and fishing


Dislikes: Snakes, crap refs


Interesting Fact: Fell off a theme park ride when I was little and haven't rode one since

Rory Marsh Player Profile


Full Name: Rory Derek Marsh


Position: Prop


Previous Clubs: Sevenoaks


Likes: Food, fems, golf and beer


Dislikes: Vegans, football and waiting


Interesting Fact: I have a camel toe

Sacha Jovanovic Player Profile


Full Name: Sacha Benjamin Jovanovic


Position: Second row / Flanker


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Rugby, women and the Devil's lettuce


Dislikes: Getting black eyes


Interesting Fact: I've had facial hair since birth

Rory Goodger PLayer Profile


Full Name: Rory Ivan Goodger


Position: Centre / Wing


Previous Clubs: Hartpury College


Likes: Good food, nice cars, skiing and beer


Dislikes: Dirty pints


Interesting Fact: My dad owns a pub

Adam Manktelow Player Profile


Full Name: Adam James Manktelow


Position: Second row


Previous Clubs: Crowborough and Tonbridge Juddians


Likes: Front rows that push, clapping, red wine and long holidays


Dislikes: Back rows that don't push, forgetting a towel


Interesting Fact: I once sat next to Mutya Buena of the Sugababes on a rollercoaster

David Lock Player Profile


Full Name: David Michael Lock


Position: Tight Head Prop


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Golf, shooting, beers


Dislikes: Football, non alcoholic drinks


Interesting Fact: My name is David, not Dave

Josh Parkes Player Profile


Full Name: Joshua David Parkes


Position: Second Row


Previous Clubs: Old Elthamians


Likes: Sitting people dow, scoring tries and the Peaky Blinders


Dislikes: Scrum hats, hard ground and the Kardashians


Interesting Fact: I was pretty much the one responsible for infecting the UK with swine flu after bringing it back from New York.

James Cattermole Player Profile


Full Name: James Richard Kendall Cattermole


Position: Loose Head Prop


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Watching Keny get sat down


Dislikes: Carries


Interesting Fact: Currently holder of the best try celebration at CRFC "Bitches"

Chris Tomlin Player Profile


Full Name: Christopher James Tomlin


Position: Back Row / Wing / Centres


Previous Clubs: Maidstone


Likes: Golf, Moto X, Skiing & 97 beers with the lads at the Club


Dislikes: Paying bills, losing, football, fishing & fish


Interesting Fact: I have done a sky dive

Mike Churchill Player Profile


Full Name: Mike James Churchill


Position: Flanker


Previous Clubs: Tonbridge Juddians


Likes: Moaning, Physio, Cricket & Karaoke


Dislikes: £4 pints at Cranbrook RFC (but now you've paid your subs it's £3.50 with your members card!)


Interesting Fact: Bethany School Breast Stroke Champion 2008

Niall Slowey Player Profile


Full Name: Niall Patrick Ciaran Slowey


Position: Hooker / Prop


Previous Clubs: St. Pats RFC


Likes: Food, Whiskey, Paddy's Day, Joe Schmidt & Stash


Dislikes: Onions, Doctors & Priests


Interesting Fact: I'm Irish

Elliot Barbour Player Profile


Full Name: Elliot Charles Barbour


Position: Wing


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Ponies


Dislikes: Dirty Pints


Interesting Fact: Have been on Sky Sports riding ponies

Alex Cornwallis Player Profile


Full Name: Fiennes Alexander Wykeham Martin Cornwallis


Position: Fly Half / Flanker / Utility


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Shooting, Skiing, Golf, Cricket, Dogs, Fast Cars


Dislikes: Eggs, Ketchup, Referees (sometimes)


Interesting Fact: My ancestor was Commander of the British Army when Britain surrendered in America. AKA he lost America.

Tom Brooks Player Profile


Full Name: Thomas David Brooks


Position: Full Back / Winger


Previous Clubs: None


Likes: Skiing, hunting, my dog, red wine, good food & good company


Dislikes: Wind and rain, Lordswood RFC


Interesting Fact: My grandfather, D. K. Brooks, was President of the RFU in 1980/81