Cranbrook Rugby Club - Under 10

Cranbrook Rugby Club - Under 10

Welcome to Cranbrook U10s!

We are a group that averages over thirty players per training session and a great cohort of parents.

We focus on skills development and tailored coaching delivered in a fun and supportive way.

Please see below for essential U10s information.

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Chris Heyworth
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Mob: 07970 256859

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U10 general

New Players are always very welcome, so if you would like to have a go please come to the pitch and introduce yourself to a member of the coaching team.  We recommend new players take part in 2 training sessions before joining the club just to be sure rugby is the sport for them.

Training for the 2017-18 season starts on Sunday 3 September between 1000 to 1200, all players will need to register.

Through the season we will be attending a number of festivals, and in order to be considered children must not only be paid up members of the club, but also of the RFU (these are separate membership forms), and have the appropriate club shirt.

Please be aware

  • Parents at our age groups must stay at the club, it is not permitted to drop children off, leave, and return later. If you plan to leave the pitch side please make someone aware of how to find you in case of a problem. 
  • Players need to wear the appropriate kit for the weather on the day. Through the winter they need to be well wrapped up and we recommend plenty of layers, and a hat and gloves are also very advisable on occasion.
  • We aim to have plenty of breaks, so always pack a drink and some snacks.
  • The club is run by volunteers, and everyone gives their time for free. It does mean that parents are expected to help out on occasion. Each age group is responsible for duties 5 or 6 times a season, and it usually means an hour or so, either helping in the kitchen or with car parking.
  • Mouth guards are mandatory and your child will not be allowed to take any part in a session if they do not wear a mouth guard. Scrum caps and armour are reommended, but not mandated.
  • Please ensure all boots have IRB approved studs and that these are of good condition, no single stud to the toe and no rough edges or abrasions or bladed shoudl be used
  • Body armour and scrum caps / head guards should be worm, but are not mandated.
  • Tracksuits / tops with zips, jewellery and glasses must not be worn during rugby during play. Approved goggles can be worn, but please speak to the coaching staff to ensure we are aware (mandated by the RFU)


All our coaches are DBS checked and appropriately qualified to deliver training is a safe, inclusive and fun way.

We attend many festivals through the season and in order to be considered .to must be both a member of the Club and registered with the RFU. Registrations roll forwards, so you did it last year you don’t need to do it again this season.

The key changes this season are:

  • The introduction of competition for the ball
    a) includes ripping the ball in open play
    b) formation of mini rucks and mauls 
  • An uncontested 3 person scrum to restart play
    a) after knock-ons etc
    b) scrums are made up of the nearest players
  • Tackling
    a) the removal of the intent to tackle - you’re either tackled or not
    b) the removal of the six tackle turnover rule
  • Team Size
    8 players

 We look forward to welcoming you to the club!